Today I received my lights for Sara’s build: Busch and Muller’s Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U (Front), and Toplight Line Plus (Rear).  So, now my generator hub is justified.

My New Lights

I ended up ordering these lights from a bike shop in Germany.  Before anybody gets all upset about my not using a local bike shop, or an ‘American’ retailer, I want to mention a few things.  First:  neither of the bike shops I use were able to order the lights.  And, second:  most online retailers either didn’t carry the lights, were out of stock, or wanted twice the price of their German counterparts.  For $40 dollars less than what the lowest priced domestic retailer was asking for just the headlight, I was able to get the headlight, the tail light, and two Schwalbe Marathon tires from Starbike.  And, that includes the cost of international shipping.  Besides, all these things are German, so why not get them from their home country.

I have put the headlight on Sara and connected it to the hub, but I need to get more wire to hook up the rear light and still might change the rear rack anyway.  Obviously, I can’t really give any kind of review for these lights since the build isn’t finished, but I will do so when I can.

Hopefully the build will be complete in the near future.  I ordered the remaining components (from my LBS)  last week, so should finally get her on the road relatively soon.

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