A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me if I would like to tag-a-long on a weekend trip to Red River Gorge to say hey to another friend who was two weeks into a three-week stay. Not being one to say no to a trip anywhere, much less one of my favorite places I jumped at the chance. So, on Friday the 17th of June we headed out for a weekend of camping, climbing, and general outdoorsy fun.  After one full day in The Red, I, in true Vagabron form, decided that I would stay there for a while, and hooked up with the friend we were visiting for another 8 days of camping, climbing, hiking, moderate drinking, and full-blown outdoorsy fun.

My week plus stay is best summarized by a note I wrote four days in:

This morning I awoke in the climber’s campground behind Miguel’s Pizza in the Red to sunny skies and the sound of crows.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee in solitude, then talked to some new found friends about everyone’s plans for the day, and with Miguel about the changing face of the “climbing crowd.”  This was followed by breakfast and planning the day ahead with my climbing partner for the week, Tyler.

We went to our planned climbing wall and talked to some other climbers about how horrible the climbing conditions were at said wall due to the rain the night before, then as a group decided to head to another wall where I got in two beautiful climbs, before having to bail due to an incoming thunderstorm.

We all reconvened at Miguel’s where we rode out the storm, had food and beers, and began planning tomorrow.  After a couple more beers with Tyler I headed back to my tent where I now lie watching lightning, and listening to a chorus of tree frogs.

Life is truly beautiful right now.

Here are a few photos from my stay:


Note:  While I was away some of the drive-train for Sara arrived via UPS, so I will get back to her build soon.