Instead of delving into my past and any reasons for this blog (all of which would probably end up being boring), I will just dive right in and begin with the here and now.

I am a fifty-year-old borderline-vagabond by the name of Ron (hence the moniker) who is in the process of planning, and equipping for his next wandering.  As with the last of my travels, this one will be by bicycle, and, tentatively, a trip from Indianapolis north through Michigan then over through Wisconsin and Minnesota; then back through Illinois and home.  My intention with this blog is to cover the planning for said travels; and then to serve as a journal for them.  After that…well, who knows.

As would seem appropriate for such a discussion, I will start with my bike. So…everybody, this is Sara.


Sara is a 2015 Soma Saga Disc touring bike, and replaces Amy, a 2014 Surly Disc Trucker who carried me on my previous journeys.


Amy proved to be just a bit too large which caused me a lot of trouble and eventually some knee-issues which resulted in my having to cut short a trip to D.C. last Autumn.

Obviously, Sara isn’t quite ready for the trip, but I wanted to chronicle her birth and development so we’ll start here with her conception, and I will chronicle her growth as she develops into a full blown touring companion.

My trip is slated to begin in Late August/early September.  So, in the interim I will post about the planning I do for the trip, and the equipment I acquire/have acquired for my journey.  Hopefully, such things will prove helpful/entertaining for those interested.  If not, please bear with me until the start of the trip for the true travel journaling.

Since a lot of basic planning has already been done prior to my starting this blog I will fill in details as I can.  However, if anybody has a question (about anything) feel free to leave it in a comment anywhere along the way and I will gladly try to answer it.